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Passionate About Empowering Others

I discovered that I am not broken... and neither are you.

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After being a licensed massage therapist for 15 years, studying metaphysics and the Law of Attraction for even more years, I developed a relentless desire to find the missing key to achieve deeper, positive outcomes with lasting results. I had spent countless years repeating affirmations and visualizing. I had a bookshelf loaded with journals of letters written to myself, pages and pages of goals, dreams and desires. But still I had unhealthy patterns (and partners) that seemed to boomerang back and drag me down again. I knew there must be some piece that I was overlooking; something important that was illuding all my attempts to make permanent changes.


Finally I found emotional freedom techniques (tapping) and neurolinguistic tools, giving me a way to rewrite the blueprint of my life. In fact, the "Universe" sent me messages contained in three different emails within 24 hours that suggested it! I knew it meant to take action NOW. I began attending live trainings and within weeks the areas in my life that had been stuck for decades began to break free and heal. As I learned how to use emotional empowerment and rewire my brain, my health, finances and relationships transformed.

My yearning for healing has taken me on a journey through eating issues, financial strain, addictions, and loss, to a life of personal empowerment, achievements and inner peace. My struggle through yo-yo dieting, embarrassing rebound relationships and roller coaster incomes stopped when I accepted complete ownership of my feelings, thoughts, emotions and behaviors. 100%


Today I work with clients around the globe in person and online. I gently yet thoroughly instruct them how to eliminate stress, depression, anxiety, fears, phobias, food issues, chronic pain and illness, grief and loss. Clients report I have helped them turn their lives around when they had just about given up all hope. I’m good at what I do because I first had to transform my own world from the inside out.

I teach people how to finally take control of what's going on inside their mind and body and put themselves back in the driver’s seat of their lives.

My reputation is of genuine compassion, skilled professionalism and authenticity.

My passion is to educate by example.

My promise is to meet others where they are on their journey and lead them one step at a time to freedom.


  • Certified End of Life Doula

  • Certified Personal Transformation Coach

  • Certified Eutaptics EFT Advanced Practitioner

  • Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer

  • Mindscape Facilitator

Certificates of Completion in Psychedelic Studies

  • Psychedelics and Religion, GTUx, Dr. Sam Shonoff. 

  • Microdosing Psilocybin & LSD, Psychedelic Support, Instructor Dr. Erica Zelfand 

  • IFS (Internal Family Systems) and Psychedelics, Psychedelic Support

  • The Science of Psychedelics, Microdose, Instructor Dr. Erica Zelfand

  • Psychedelics 101, DoubleBlind

  • Psilocybin Peer Supporter, PsiloHealth 

  • Psychedelic Fundamentals, MAPS

Yoga at Home


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