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What is Transcendelic Coaching?

This is the term I've given to a specialized coaching and integration work for clients who have experienced one or more non-ordinary states of consciousness. This experience could be the result of ketamine therapy, a psychedelic drug, deep meditation, breathwork, prayer or some other cause.

How do I know if I need Transcendelic or Integration Coaching?

Transcendelic Integration Coaching is encouraged whenever a client has experienced the non-ordinary state of consciousness in the past. Without the integration work any lessons, healings or growth can be lost from the experience. It is important to leverage the experience, whether challenging or enlightening, and incorporate it into our spiritual, emotional and physical life. This is when lasting changes take hold.

How many sessions will I need?

Many factors are going to influence your changes. I often remind clients that it’s similar to your relationship with the dentist. The doctor will give you the tools to keep your teeth clean and healthy (toothbrush, paste and floss) but he or she won’t come to your home to brush your teeth for you.


You may have several visits in the beginning to deal with the current issues and poor habits but the quicker you take on the responsibility to maintain the work, the sooner you will adjust to a periodic “checkup”.


The same applies to life coaching and changework. We uncover and change many negative thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes that influence your behaviors.


However, for you to get the most out of it, you will need to do your work between coaching sessions as well. It’s a daily commitment inside and outside of your sessions to continue moving toward lasting transformation.

Will I have to talk about experiences I’m uncomfortable with?

No, this is unlike talk therapy or counseling. It is not necessary for the details of any situation to be shared and I often discourage clients from telling the story of particular events. Talking ABOUT what happened can be a way of avoiding the emotions associated to what happened.

Why is the initial coaching session two-hours?

A quality coaching session begins with a thorough intake to elicit the particular thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes that are driving the behaviors that you want to change, as well as getting clear about the goals/outcomes that you want to accomplish.


The intake questions often take 30-60 minutes. The remaining time will be the actual change work portion of the session, followed by skill building and exercises for emotional power and control between coaching sessions.

In individual cases, this can be adapted, however a full two-hour coaching session is the best way to get thorough changes established.

Can this help me with physical pain or chronic illness?

Absolutely. The body and mind are one system and always communicating with each other.


The body will express what is happening on the subconscious level of the mind.


Very often chiropractors and body workers will refer clients to me who have not been making much progress with their current treatment plan.

Do you offer a free consultation?

Yes, I offer a free 20-minute Consulting Session to discuss your specific goals and questions regarding coaching with me. You can schedule this free call on my Scheduling and Sessions page

Why do I need to buy a package of sessions?

I don’t offer one-off sessions except for Mindscape sessions. This is because it is necessary to have commitment and accountability established so that you experience LASTING changes.


You have to want your changes so much that you commit to showing up to regular sessions prepared to do the work.


This is the way you honor and empower yourself as well as conquer all the ways you previously may have sabotaged making changes.

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