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It Takes Two

You are an individual expression of Divine imagination. Every spot, wart and bump are seen as a beautiful, unique ornament by a Grand Designer. There will always be diversity in the physical world but Spirit does not see them. Spirit does not notice your differences because in the spiritual realm there is only Oneness. In the connected space of Infinite Energy, there is no bigger, smarter, more successful or luckier – only Life.

"Comparison is the thief of Joy" – Teddy Roosevelt

To the Universe, observing It's Oneness is like seeing your fingers, your knee, an ear but still knowing wholeness; completeness. If you are not enjoying and appreciating the skin you are in, you could be suffering from Comparititus. Don't waste precious time and energy measuring yourself against illusions or the past. Insecurities are learned. We are all perfectly crafted and nothing takes that away.

- Becky Buckman

Certified Life & Emotional

Empowerment Coach

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