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“I’m not only a certified coach myself, but very selective person with whom I chose to work with in the field of personal development. I did not chose wrong when I chose Becky! I love her style and her availability to answer questions and concerns in between sessions. I have recommended Becky to friends and family who are serious about changing their lives. I cannot wait to work with Becky again.” 


“I have had sessions in person and on Skype and I can highly recommend Becky. She works in a methodical and thorough way with empathy and warmth. Being guided through my subconscious and my emotions I felt very safe and supported. And we had a lot of fun too!”


“Becky met me at my level of understanding and walked me to a greater awareness of not just EFT, but also myself.   She is a good listener and with ease goes to the root cause of discomfort.  She is a compassionate soul and without reservation I would encourage those who have some discomfort, or who want a better way of living to consult with her.” 


Coaching from Becky is an enlightening and fun experience!

She is an amazing listener - I felt like there was nothing more important at that moment than for her to listen and help me. I felt free to express myself without judgement. And she gave me tools to immediately apply and change my life! I think her skills and intuition can help anyone who is ready to take their life to the next level of joy and adventure.


My experience has been amazing and enlightening. Becky is a kind and compassionate teacher who believes in the things that she teaches. Being taught by her has had a huge impact on my life. I am forever grateful for all the gifts Becky has given to me and helped me open my eyes to.


“Becky is a fantastic coach.

She knows how to get to the heart of the matter and help deal with the big issues. I’ve enjoyed working with Becky a lot. And her Defrac card set is an amazing tool too! Anytime I’m needing a smile I pull a card and can’t help but laugh. They’re a great way to lift my mood in a moment! And awesome to use with my own clients as well. Thanks Becky!” 


“I’ve had two session with Becky, one in person and another via Skype. Both sessions were very powerful and the results have been and are still amazing. Becky is a great practitioner and knows perfectly how to apply the Faster EFT protocol. I am very happy to have worked with her and will definitely book further sessions in the future. I highly recommend Becky to everyone whether you are new at this wonderful technique or you have experience with it.”


“I have had many sessions with Becky over the last year and a half. I consider Becky and FasterEFT to have saved my life. It was such a relief to experience a healing modality that goes deep, makes real changes, and gave me hope and future dreams again. I was so impacted, after about 3 months of working with Becky, I decided I wanted to become a Practitioner too, and help others the way she helped me. I’ve been on that journey ever since. I am so grateful to you Becky!”


“Becky is an amazing coach who is able to deal with various complicated issues and inspire a real transformation during a very short period of time. I had three sessions with Becky in July 2018 and was not only able to deal with my old fears and memories I would not be comfortable to share but conquered very stubborn fear of flying! My first flight to Chicago right after these sessions left me in complete awe about how quickly and effortlessly a problem can die under supervision of the right coach. I recommend Becky to anyone who has uncomfortable memories, fears and problems that seem to be very hard to resolve!”


"Becky is an amazing FasterEFT practitioner, trainer and coach.  With professionalism, warmth, and a vast knowledge base, her guidance through each session allowed me to release lifelong emotional pain.  Her unique way of interspersing fun and laughter throughout each session made it not only safe but an enjoyable experience as well.  Without hesitation, I would recommend Becky to anyone choosing to make their life and future a brighter one." 


Becky's insight has been invaluable. She has helped me to see and live life in a way that is much fuller and productive. I no longer feel so tossed around by life. I now know my divinity!

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