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My purpose is to empower individuals to create any life they can imagine by teaching them how to reveal, leverage and enhance the power they hold inside.  You are not broken.

My approach is fun and freeing while getting to the nitty-gritty. Together we gently untie each knot that holds you back and keeps you from reaching lasting joy. 

Make the commitment to yourself and I will guide and support you through the transformation.


How I Can Help You

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Truly Rest in Peace

Be held in sacred space to leave nothing undone and transition consciously

Transcendelic SM Integration.jpg

Transcendelic (SM) Integration

Grow and heal from your expanded state of consciousness experience.


Conquer Your Fears & Phobias

It's time to burst out of a tiny comfort zone and live life to the fullest!

Dollar Bill in Jar

Your Goals

Build a new belief about what is possible, suddenly what used to be impossible is yours!

On the Scales

Become Free
& Empowered

Cross the bridge from coping into the land of power & choice.

Beach Fun

 Leap Into Life

Transcend Trauma & Grief.

Transform your past and joyfully soar into the future!

 Becky has a joyful and wise energy that is both calming and playful. She facilitated such a transformation in my life that I will never forget her patience, kindness, and guidance.  Becky made a huge impact in my spiritual journey by guiding me in elevating my energy and consciousness. I will never forget this experience and her support throughout it all.  Thank you so much Becky. You are a gift! 

Haley P.

Becky, I've meant for some time to attempt to express what your coaching has meant to me. Both sessions we had were transformative in remarkable ways, the second one changing my life exponentially. Giving myself permission to be who I am caused me to succeed in my career with financial gain eight times greater than ever before... and that's not even the best part! Looking forward to 2018 and another visit! Best to you always.

Nancy H.

In Chiropractic School we learned that some discomfort or dis-ease can be caused by thoughts  or an emotional situation that happened many years ago. When treating my current patients, if their body doesn’t respond to chiropractic care then I encourage them to call Becky. 

     In my own personal experience, I saw Becky when I was going through a stressful and emotional time in my life. She gave me the tools to re-wire my thought processes about those experiences. It was effective immediately...

Shanda Novak, DC

Chiropractic Physician

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Sessions Take place Online or at My Office in Nashville, TN

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